Charrette 2: Fair Park 75210

The DFD charrette team sought to explore the Fair Park neighborhood, beyond the park itself and the fields of parking lots to consider the question: “what does a post-automobile Fair Park neighborhood look like?”

Is Dallas a Creative City?

Every May, new graduates in creative industries are looking for jobs, and are willing to move almost anywhere for the potential of doing good work in a growing creative community. So, why would the most talented, ambitious, and entrepreneurial graduates move to Dallas, when the firms in Los Angeles, and Zurich are designing all of our buildings and urban spaces?

Designing the 22nd Century Dallas - SWA Internship Program 2015

For nearly 40 years SWA has conducted a summer program to train focused groups of students in landscape architecture, planning and urban design.  Each summer, our students spend four weeks in studio focusing on a collective design problem enhanced with speakers and weekly critiques featuring distinguished design professionals, public officials, local stakeholders and residents.  For the first time in over a decade, Dallas will serve as the laboratory within which the students will explore, experiment, and invent.  The timing could not be more appropriate as Dallas sits at the precipice of a number of decisions tremendously influencing the structure and vibrancy of the city we and the next generation will call home.

The Trinity Parkway Public Forums: Is the Dream Team the Answer?

There have been many versions of the Trinity Parkway throughout the years. It can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing and growing list of alternatives and plans. At one of the recent Trinity Parkway public input forums, we the attendees were introduced to the Dream Team plan. See the pdf here