Charrette 2: Fair Park 75210

The DFD charrette team sought to explore the Fair Park neighborhood, beyond the park itself and the fields of parking lots to consider the question: “what does a post-automobile Fair Park neighborhood look like?”

Is Dallas a Creative City?

Every May, new graduates in creative industries are looking for jobs, and are willing to move almost anywhere for the potential of doing good work in a growing creative community. So, why would the most talented, ambitious, and entrepreneurial graduates move to Dallas, when the firms in Los Angeles, and Zurich are designing all of our buildings and urban spaces?

The Streets: it's where the action at

The Streets: it's where the action at

As urban designers, is it within our purview to design streets for this extreme? There’s a simple creed to design streets for people and as places themselves, but how do we do it in city that overwhelmingly overlooks its street maintenance, pothole repair, and continues to debate decades-old infrastructure projects that are distinctly anti-urban?