Uniting Renegade Thinkers

to elevate the quality of design in the Dallas community.

Design Future Dallas unites local creatives to collectively explore visions of the city’s future.

Founded in 2014, DFD operates as a non-for-profit team of natives and transplants who share ideas about urban design. The group selects abandoned and/or controversial sites to use as departure points for imagining a diversified urban landscape.

Participants of our Inaugural Charrette: San Jacinto Junction

We are a call back to the days in studio, where ideas were fun, passionate, and inspirational.

char·rette   (SHəˈret/) : a collaborative session with an intense period of design work

Rather than working on international design competitions on another continent, we at Design Future Dallas choose to improve this city through our talents and skills. Dallas is transitioning and we are leading the discussion about how the city’s future looks.

We support everyone and their passionate views about making our city a better place.

The Design Future Dallas blog is an open platform for creative people to express their opinions about the state of Dallas, Design, Ideas, and anything else.  If you would like to post a blog email us info@designfuturedallas.com

We'd love for you to join our growing community!


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